gallery2015_IMG_8073-37At St Michael’s Playgroup we ask parents to help out for one session every half term. The children enjoy having their parents helping and it’s a great way for you to see what playgroup is like for your child. (The helping parent can be the child’s carer/nanny, grandparent, or other relative.)



What would I do as a helping parent ?

On arrival please sign in the attendance book.

Please keep your mobile phone in the cupboard. Use of mobiles/camera’s are strictly prohibited while playgroup is in session inside and outside!

Start of session: play with and talk to the children.

We do not ask you to take children to the toilet, unless it is your own child.

We have small group time with our key children at 9.30 for about 10 mins, (your help may be needed at one of the groups)

In the kitchen can you make coffee/tea/etc. at 9.40. (This can be brought in on the tray and placed on the high counter).

Please will you: change the water for hand washing as needed, write names on paintings at the easel, clear any split sand/water, this is really helpful and keeps everyone safe from slipping etc.

We use the outside play area most days, your help may be needed here.

10.15 is snack time, a member of staff does this but would like help with clearing the table and supervising hand washing at the small sinks. We will send children out to you as spaces become available.

10.55 is tidy up time, we encourage everyone to help, hand bells are rung to signal this. The children go to the ‘shiny mats’ and are collected by their key person to help. If we are having story time please join us before we go outside.

Come and join us for singing / music time at 11.45.

12 noon Home time… A Big Thank you for your help.

Don’t forget to take home any work your child has done.

We must emphasise that we would really appreciate your help at a session once every half term. If you are unable to help on your arranged day due to an emergency or illness, please ring playgroup ASAP to enable us to arrange cover for you.

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