St Michael’s Playgroup is open every morning from 9am – 12noon and we follow school term dates. Please view the Term Dates page.

There are many advantages of following a routine. At St Michael’s Playgroup our routine helps children to feel safe and secure in their environment quickly. They soon become familiar with our daily timetable which is as follows…

9.00am – Opening time (opportunity for parents to talk to staff if necessary).Children self register, adults/children are added to daily sheet.

9.40am – Key worker group time.

9.50/10.50am – Special activity, free playtime.

10.15am – Snack time. Children are offered a selection of healthy snacks (eg. toast, fruit and vegetables). Please speak to a member of staff if your child has any dietary requirements or allergies.

10.55am – Tidy up time.

11.05am – Story time.

11.15am – Energetic play time (inside or outside).

11.45am – Singing time.

12.00noon – Home time.

When you join us as a parent-helper you will see that the timings are not rigid. We also make adjustments for special occasions such as a celebration or when we have a special visitor.

Please visit the Contact Us page for a printable application form.

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