We are very proud of our reputation in St Albans and over the years we have had a lot of wonderful feedback from our parents and carers. You can read some testimonials here…

Some lovely comments we received from parents after our latest Ofsted inspection (June 2014) :-

“Brilliant! Well done to you and the team.” –  Keely

” That’s fantastic news, well done to you all and well deserved too.” –  Kirsty

“Congratulations! A well deserved report. All of my children have thoroughly enjoyed attending St Michaels Playgroup and your care and dedication has always been appreciated” – Clare

“Well done on a great Ofsted report! You deserve it and it says what we all knew – that St Michaels is a fabulous playgroup” – Jenni

From Luca’s mum…  “I think St Michael’s Playgroup is the most wonderful place. I couldn’t be happier with the level of care that they have give to my son. The staff are always so friendly and greet you with a warm smile every morning and you feel like you can talk to them at any time. They provide a safe but fun place for the kids to learn while they play. The key workers really get to know your kids, which shows how committed they are!”

From Harrison’s mum…  “St Michael’s is a lovely playgroup, with a great team of staff and lots of fun activities for the children. All our children have really enjoyed their time there.”

From Millie’s mum… “Our daughter, Millie, had never been in any child care prior to starting at St Michael’s at the age of 3. We have been delighted with how well the staff have cared for her and she absolutely loves going to her nursery school. She settled straight away and actively looks forward to her mornings at “school”. We chose St Michael’s due to the friendly and caring environment it provides and we we have been very very happy with our choice!”

From Sophie Rose’s mum… “My daughter has settled in so quickly! She understands the routines, knows who the grown ups are and enjoys playing alongside the other children. A creative, child-centred, safe setting.”

From Marcus’ mum… “Marcus really really enjoys coming to St Michael’s and comes home so proud of his paintings and he has made some lovely friends. Marcus has had a little delay with his speech and everyone has worked really hard. His speech has really come on a lot since attending in a short space of time. All the staff are very caring and professional and communication with parents is fantastic. I highly recommend St Michael’s Playgroup.”

From Sam and Sophie’s mum… “Both my children have really benefited from the friendly and organised approach to child development at St Michael’s Playgroup. Sophie particularly likes the regular cookery sessions. I can’t recommend it more highly!”

From Henry’s mum… “We have been very happy with St Michael’s playgroup. Although Henry was only 2 and a half when he started, he soon became very familiar and fond of the staff and was asking to go every morning! All the staff are very approachable and get to know the children well and the size of the playgroup is perfect for little ones.”

From Tahlissia’s mum… “You and your team at St Michael’s Playgroup are fantastic!!!!! Thank you for everything. Three of my children have gone through your care and I feel very grateful that all three have had you all as a starting block. We will be leaving at the end of July, but no doubt I will be back with someone else’s child soon!”


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